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Digestive Troubleshooting Guide eBook

  • 1: Digestion, Lymph + Emotions
  • 2: Digestion Starts in a Healthy Mouth
  • 3: Get the Right Stomach Acid
  • 4: Occasional Heartburn
  • 5: Liver + Pancreas
  • 6: 5 Major Causes of Candida + SIBO
  • 7: Bowel Movements Matter
  • 8: Eat the Right Fiber
  • 9: Importance of Lymph
  • 10: Microbiome

Did you know 74% of Americans experience some form of digestive distress?

With optimal digestion being the driver of a healthy immune system, balanced moods, steady energy, stable blood sugar, and strong vitality, this is a very disturbing statistic!

Many factors contribute to the breakdown of our digestive systems, including stress, pesticides on our foods, a diet of refined and processed foods, and a host of lifestyle imbalances insidious in our culture.

In this eBook, I take you step by step through each of these factors, while helping rebuild your digestive strength with diet, herbs, and lifestyle tips.